Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am Special

I wept when I read my friend’s blog post the other day. She titled the entry, “Different… but Special”.

There was nothing sad about the content—quite the contrary. I wept, however, because I was envious of my friend. She’s got a supportive and sweet family, a lovely home, and a wonderful ministry. I have all those things as well, and it wasn’t those assets that triggered my jealous reaction.

I envy my friend’s confidence.

“I promised you if you dropped back by today I would share something special with you.” Her words piqued my interest. She went on to share a snippet of her testimony and a bit about her ministry. Shawna Marie Bryant is a worship leader and speaker—and she’s very good.

My life has been a wonderful, terrible, beautiful, and horrifying. It has been an adventurous journey. Eleven years ago I was at a very dark and desolate place when God told me that my story was for the church and that it was just beginning.

I now know the meaning of those prophetic words.

I know that I know that I know I have a story that God wants me to tell. It is a story of addiction, sin, loss, helplessness, healing, restoration, new growth, and hope.

I attended a writer’s conference in Orange County on May 1. One of the keynote speakers gave each of the 400 or so attendees a rubber band. She told us to put it on our wrist. She admonished us to snap that little piece of elastic every time we put ourselves down or talked smack about our abilities.

So, here I sit—snapping my wrist. I am a writer. I am a speaker. I am an actor. I do have a ministry that is of worth and value to God and to the body of Christ.

You want to hear our story. I promise you that after spending just a few minutes with me, you will be challenged and encouraged, and you will believe in miracles.

I am special.

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  1. Yes, my beautiful friend. You are indeed special!