Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When The Pro-Life Church Is Pro-Abortion

The Church is nothing if not verbosely pro-life   Members march, rally, pray, and carry signs to try to put an end to the killing of innocent babies.

Here's the rub; The Church makes bold pro-life claims, but regularly practices abortion.   Viable human children of God are regularly and sometimes brutally aborted from The Body of Christ with no remorse. 

Woman seek abortions for a number of very personal reasons.  These reasons include inconvenience, the discovery of a birth defect in the child, the health of the mother, or simply because it's "my body; my choice".   None of these reasons are reasonable in the eye of the pro-life Christian zealots.   And yet, the very real practice of abortion is alive and well in today's Church.

A child has a developmental or physical disability and is deemed "too hard" by church leaders and volunteers. Abort!  Abort!

I work with families affected by disabilities and they all say that having that child or adult in their life is a gift.  The person with a disability often teaches them far more about patience, compassion, and unconditional love than they ever thought possible.   Sometimes they have front row seats to miracles they might not have seen otherwise. The Church often misses those opportunities.

A woman asks questions of a pastor or seeks to put an end to gossip (how dare she), and the pastor decides she's inconvenient. Abort!  Abort!

The pastor has no desire to be held accountable to a mere child of God and literally says, "my body, my choice". The health of the church is "at risk" when a dissenter asks too many questions. Abort!  Abort!

A person is found to have sinned or reveals a human weakness. Christians rise up and declare this person to be defective or "too weak" to contribute to The Body. Abort!  Abort!

No person is perfect. It takes some longer to mature than others.  How dare we look into the face of God and say, "this child of yours isn't viable".

In an almost unbelievable scenario, a Christian is engaged in "unapproved" extra curricular activities like Theatre or performing secular music and they're declared a danger to the reputation of the local church. Abort!  Abort!  

I don't know of any medical technology that would allow for aborted fetuses to be transplanted into another woman's womb, as the fetus is usually destroyed before being removed. But many woman become pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. The mother (or surrogate) must endure painful and intense medical treatments that prepare the body to host and care for the transplanted fetus.

In my experience, The Church is not prepared to love, accept, nurture, and host those who've been previously aborted from The Body.  Sometimes the aborted kids of God never heal enough to be grafted into another church. The bible speaks very clearly about how quickly body parts die when they are disconnected from the whole. How can The Church continue the practice of shunning and disconnection knowing the practice can (and often does) lead to people leaving The Church, turning their backs on God, and ultimately losing eternal life?

We simply cannot continue to profess respect for ALL life when we regularly support the practice of aborting God's kids from HIS Body!  We will be held accountable.