Monday, September 17, 2012

Lovin' The Kids of Refilwe

They all wanted to touch and play with my hair.

The children of Refilwe are incredible kids. Imagine being bounced around in the foster care system, or being taken from the only parent you've ever known and left in a strange place.

Refilwe godparents have as few as two children in their home, or perhaps as many as 6 or 8 kids in their care. Every single child is fed, cared for, and loved. They are taught values and morals and that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their life.

Not only did I work in the community preschools, but I also got to work alongside the fabulous teachers in the Refilwe preschool. Those women love those little ones, and their care and education is the top priority. The kids arrive at school in the morning and they're fed a yummy breakfast. They spend their morning singing songs, reading stories, doing art projects, playing, and being loved.

After lunch they finish their studies and take a nap. Awww...the perfect afternoon.

The day before I landed in Johannesburg, another young man from Fresno had arrived. Ryan Moore immediately set about to find his place as a volunteer. Everyone has a place at Refilwe. Ryan made plans for a Saturday day camp and by the weekend, the new project was up and running.

This place gets under your skin, and it's difficult to shake its effect on one's heart and life. I know people who visited Refilwe years ago and a huge piece of their heart remains to this day in Johannesburg. 

Giana and 'Neesa

In the last couple of weeks, Giana has decided to return to Refilwe after her holiday home visit. Her financial needs are great, and your support is very much appreciated. 

Send donations to:

Northside Christian Church
Attn: Giana Stoeckel- Africa
2709 East Nees Avenue
Clovis, CA. 93611