Friday, June 4, 2010

A drama sketch for you!

I follow several blogs and I love getting insight into the thoughts, passions, and gripes of my friends and fellow writers.

I read a post today that hit home for me. It was about the way church members love to write notes. Boy, we'll complain about anything.

We love to grumble about the music, the length of the sermon, or the way the church board spends money. But, as the author of the blog pointed out, our complaints are usually self-centered.

I was reminded of a drama sketch I wrote several years ago called, "Writing Notes". I was told when I presented the script to the Music Pastor, that it couldn't be performed because it was "too real". Hmmmm....

Anyway, it's been many years and it's never been performed. I thought I'd post a link to the piece in case any of you church drama types out there would like to have a copy of my sketch, "Writing Notes".


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