Thursday, October 25, 2007

Children and Birth-control, part 2

Clearly I am still disturbed by the choices being given to children, especially as they relate to sex. The school board in Portland, Maine has voted to allow middle school students to receive birth control from the school nurse. The middle school students range in age from 11-14. Eleven to fourteen years old!!!

Okay, so here's a scenario for you: 11 year-old "Mary" starts having sex with 14-year old "John". They are in love (stick with me) and they vow to stay together forever. Condoms, birth control pills and patches are being given to Mary and John regularly, because the worse thing that could happen to these crazy kids is that Mary gets pregnant, right?

Let's imagine that Mary and John's magical love affair actually endures for an unbelievable four years, and they celebrate John's 18th birthday just as they have always celebrated special events (like the changing of seasons, full moons, Mondays, double coupon days) - they have sex. The unthinkable happens the next day when John decides he's ready to move on. Seriously, four years is a long time to spend with just one girl! Mary's 15 year-old heart is broken and she knows exactly how to make John pay for dumping her. Mary's been making grown up decisions since she was 11 years old and now this child has the power to destroy a young man's life.

Mary goes to the police and tells them that John had sex with her. Now that John is a legal adult, everything they'd been doing for the past four years is suddenly against the law. John goes to prison for statutory rape and spends the rest of his life as a registered sex offender. John will never be allowed to become a teacher, a minister, a police officer, a mayor, or any other number of respectable occupations. John will never be able to volunteer in his child's classroom, accompany his son on a school field trip, or teach Sunday School.

But hey, at least Mary and John used birth control!

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