Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My life has always been one filled with highs and lows, rights and wrongs, love and hate. I can’t seem to do anything in a small way. It’s all or nothing for me.

(I’ll post another “Wild Ride Wednesday” installment tomorrow. You can read about the employer who believed handing out due paychecks was optional.)

I am wildly popular with my boss, the teachers, and the students I work with everyday. I am a “gifted teacher” and a constant “source of encouragement”. Those are not my words, but rather they are the expressed thoughts of the ones with whom I share the bulk of my day.

My husband and kids adore me. My daughter regularly gives me a great gift—she calls me and shares her joys and even occasionally asks for advice. My sons talk to me, always say “I love you”, and they’re as open as a young man in his 20’s can be with his mom.

I am blessed to work with a group of strong, authentic, and courageous women who are not afraid to dive into shark infested waters and make a difference. They inspire and encourage me.

Finally, I have an outlet for my talent and passion for the theatre. I don’t get to work as often as I’d like to, but we here in Fresno are so blessed to have a lively theatre community. There’s always room for more, but the actors and directors I know and work with are all about quality. I love it!

There’s a dark side to my world too. I guess the same can be said about everyone’s life. I’ve tried everything I know to do to fix the sadness, but I don’t think it’s fixable.

I have a choice. I put up with the ugly, or I separate myself from it all. Sadly, making the choice to separate angers and disappoints people I care about. This, as you can imagine, magnifies the ugly!

Will life ever be easy? I would love it if the only drama in my life were on stage at the theatre!

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