Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Good Days Than Bad, And Here's Why...

-My parents are still living
-I’m far more understanding of why women stay than I used to be
-I’ve learned to discern God’s voice, and I recognize Satan’s tactics
-I learned early on that drugs change a person into someone unrecognizable, and it’s not about me
-In some ways, the justice system is broken, but bad things happen to good people so good people will rise up and fix that which is broken
-Most people are good, but it’s okay to recognize that many people are bad
-Divorce is sometimes unavoidable
-Single moms Rock!
-I should never be afraid to speak the truth – even if others don’t believe me
-People lie – that’s not about me either
-God gave me my children and made me their mother because He trusted me to raise them up and to hide His word in their hearts
-My husband needed to be fired so he could ultimately end up where he is today
-Failure is just one step on the pathway to success
-Being poor made me reliant on God and helped me appreciate the little things
-Friends may only be meant for a season
-“The Church” is not a building
-Loss sucks, but empty rooms can be filled with new stuff – even new friends
-When a child rebels it is NOT always the fault of the parents. God is the perfect father and His kids are a mess. What makes us think our kids should be perfect?
-Marriages have a chance to work when the husband and wife both choose to not leave
-Tough love is hard, but it is sometimes the only way to save your child’s life
-My children may not be in my home, but they are always in my heart
-Whenever I see a “missing child” poster, I stop and pray. I’m grateful for the empathy my experience has given me for families of missing kids
-When I walked the streets looking for my missing child I met wonderful broken people
-I have learned that the early bird really does get the worm
-The homeless may be lost and sick, but they are still human beings and they want dignity
-Strangers have stolen earthly valuables, but they can’t steal my treasures!
-I am exactly like all the other moms who sit in a jail or prison visiting room – I’m a mom who loves her children and there’s no place I won’t go to see them
-There is NO price too high if it means saving a child’s life
-Blood is not thicker than water. The people who are there when you need them – they are your family
-Boundaries are good
-I CAN control the stress in my life!
-Relationships are more important that reputations
-New directions are GOOD
-Satan uses pretty words to confuse God’s kids, but God speaks directly to me. I just have to listen
-I know that no one is so strong that they don’t need a hand now and then
-Illness may slow me down, but I won’t let it stop me


-Stretch marks are the proof that life goes on!

My life has a TON of broken pieces, but when God’s light shines through those pieces, I’m a kaleidoscope! Broken glass creates beautiful patterns!


“For God loved the world so much that He gave his only son, so that WHOEVER (that’s ME!) believes in Him should not die, but have eternal life.”

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