Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who Is Determining Your Value?

A few weeks ago I was out early on a Saturday morning running a few errands. When I jumped in the car the radio was tuned to the local talk station. It took just a few seconds to realize that I was listening to a question and answer show about cars and I couldn’t change the channel quickly enough. However, something caught my attention. I can’t say what it was, but something caught my attention.

The caller was telling the moderators of the call-in show that he was from the East coast, had never driven a car, and knew nothing about cars. The man was in Fresno because his stepfather had recently passed away and he was here settling the estate. Upon arriving in town the caller learned that as executor of the estate he was now the owner of an old car. His question was simple – should he repair the car before selling it, or should he sell it as is? The radio show host couldn’t answer the man’s questions without more information, so he pressed him a bit further. “What kind of car is it?” “It’s a Chevrolet. My neighbor says it isn’t worth much because there’s no value in a gas guzzler.” The moderator pressed for more answers. “Tell me a bit about the car.” The caller told how the car had been purchased for his brother while the brother was serving in Vietnam. Unfortunately his brother had not returned and so the car had been covered and in a temperature controlled environment for 40 years! “What kind of car is it?” “It’s one of those sports cars”, the man calmly explained. “It’s a Corvette.” You could almost hear the radio guys holding their breath and the hearts in their chests cease to beat.

The caller had allowed his neighbor to determine the value of his newly inherited treasure. Was the neighbor hoping to buy the never before driven 40-year-old Corvette for much less than it was worth? Whatever his motivation, he had misrepresented the value of the car. The radio show host gave this piece of wise counsel, “Look for an expert on classic cars and let him look at the car and tell you what it is worth. My guess is, you have quite a treasure on your hands.”

Over the past many years I've given other people the power to determine my value. Shame on me! I've been accused of saying things I never said, and doing things I never did, and I didn't stand up for myself 'cause I was a big chicken! I've let lies seep into my heart and mind. These lies diminished my value as I saw it. Shame on me!

I’ve sought reconciliation with some of those whose lies have broken my heart, but they have refused. I need to not let them determine my value. I need to go to The Expert.

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