Monday, June 30, 2008

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Yesterday morning 1/2 the team stayed in the village and went to church and the other half walked into "town" to go to church. Gia and I went into town.

The church here in the village is a Baptist Church, but the one we went to is a Pentecostal Church. It was everything a Pentecostal Church is - speaking in tongues, loud prayer, animated preaching, etc....

Chris shared his testimony and the team did the "Never Let Go" drama. Giana shared her testimony - she cried, I cried - she did an awesome job. She said her faith is growing...I'm so proud of her!

The pastor said something that rings in my heart and head..."You cannot get your miracle without God testing you."

The pastor spoke on the passage Genesis 22, which is about Abraham and Isaac. Abraham trusted God completely, and he was willing to sacrifice his son. But, God rewarded his faithfulness and provided a ram for the sacrifice - sparing Isaac.

One point was made that I had not thought about before. When Abraham went up the hill with Isaac he left the servants behind, telling them that he and Isaac would return after they worshiped. The reason he probably left the servants behind is he did not want anyone to try to talk him out of doing God's will. Surely someone would have said, "don't kill you son", or "you've misunderstood God!" Abraham didn't want anyone to talk him out of doing God's will.

After church we headed into town for Jungle Pepper Pizza. It was SO good - spinach, feta, and olives, with tomato sauce and oregano and cheddar cheese....mmmmmmm. I also indulged in an incredible ice cream cone! I think it might have been made with rice milk - delicious.

After spending about an hour and a half in town we reloaded the bus and went to see Chris and Karen (don't know the last name). Chris was John's teacher when he did his Discipleship Training Service here in Malawi. They were a delightful couple - he's British and she's German. Those who were here two years ago were able to spend quite a bit of time with them then, and Catherine was especially eager to see them and talk with them about her life and challenges.

After returning to camp from town, we had the option of doing laundry, or killing a couple of chickens for our dinner. Most of the girls chose to do laundry, but not before we witnessed the be-heading of at least one chicken. Several girls had a tough time eating dinner!

I had a really tough time sleeping last night. We have talked a lot about Spiritual Warfare and mine comes in the form of worry and fear. I dreamed a lot about Dallas and Drew and my fear for their safety and well-being. I wish I knew how to get control of those emotions and I REALLY wish God would heal me of this and give me peace!

This morning after breakfast (rice), a few of the team members went to finish the clinic - which they say looks great. I was with the group that went to work at Mike's house. We put a lime mixture on the walls. This serves as a primer. Without this primer the mud walls just crumble. It was VERY hard work and 3 1/2 hours later, we were tired, dirty, grimy, and just plain exhausted.

Unfortunately when we returned to camp for lunch, Yohanni served us more chicken and nsima. Now, in the light of day, we can see the heads and feet of the chickens in the pot. We couldn't see them in the dark last night. AAAHHhhhhh!!!

I'm really struggling today. I miss home. I miss my boys. My kids are becoming such good people and Satan knows how to squash my spirit - he keeps reminding me of reasons to be afraid.

Please God.....

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