Monday, January 21, 2008


The other day I did something I love to do more than just about anything else known or unknown to man. I walked on the beach. So fantastic! As I was walking along I noticed all the beautiful, small, shiny rocks scattered along the water's edge and I began picking up the rocks and small shells. I spent some time pondering the stories each of my treasures would tell if they could. Then, it occurred to me that I've spent an awful lot of time during trips and outings throughout my life looking for souvenirs. Why?

Why do we sometimes spend more time searching out just the right souvenir - the one that will remind us of the wonderful time we had on vacation - then we do actually making memories? As I was walking along the shoreline - my eyes directed downward, seeking out shiny rocks and colorful shells - I was missing the beauty of the moment. In my quest to find something to help me remember where I'd been, I missed enjoying where I was.

What drives us to find trinkets to remind us of the past? Are we out to impress others? Are we afraid we'll forget where we've been or what we've done? Do we gather souvenirs for the future to prove we did in fact have a past - that we existed at all. I don't know that I have the answers. I just know that the other day when I was walking on the beach, these were the questions I found myself asking. Hmmmm......

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